Top 5 Youtube Home Workouts (No Equipment Needed!)

No gym? No problem!

When it comes to exercise, the closure of gyms and leisure facilities during the pandemic has without a doubt been a daily struggle for the endorphin addicts of the world.

Then BOOM!

In comes Joe Wicks, our curly-haired saviour with his energetic home workouts and fun approach to exercise!

‘PE with Joe’ saw adults and children alike stretching and jumping around their living rooms up and down the nation, Monday to Friday, while the schools were closed during lockdown.

For some of us who are still unable to make the gym, whether isolating or otherwise, we here at Sports Involve have put together a list of our Top 5 workouts from Youtubers across the globe.

So let’s roll up that rug, push the sofa’s to the wall and make a space to move!

Simply pick your favourite sport and work up a sweat to their videos – no equipment needed!

Here are our Top 5 (In no particular order!)…

1. – Boxing Training at Home for Beginners without Equipment

Who: Fight Camp
Good For: Boxing
What is it?: FightCamp’s Coach PJ guides you through a series of 3 boxing drills that aim to help you become a better fighter. This short and snappy 5 minute video can be done on its own or incorporated into your circuit for added oomph! FightCamp also provides you with a link to a free download of their training journal to help you ‘track like a champion’.

2. 33 Minute Home Cardio and Mobility Workout No Equipment Required

Who: Jiu Jitsu Flo
Good For: Jiu Jitsu (Obs!)
What is it?: Jiu Jitsu FLO helps you to utilise Brazilian self-defence-based movements to increase strength, mobility, body coordination and breathing control (without the need of a partner or equipment). Great for Ju Jitsu experts and beginners alike, all in one half hour video!

3. MMA Training Schedule (1 Week) – No Equipment Needed!

Who: fightTIPS
Good For: MMA
What is it?: Whether you’re bored of your usual exercise regimen, or simply looking for more variety, FightTIPS have put together a week long training program – and it’s free! Each day has a different fight focus that covers a bit of everything from Muay Thai, boxing and Taekwondo (to name a few!). Just click the link in the description to access the full workout videos on their website.

4. (JUDO) Circuit Training 1

Who: Taka in Scotland
Good For: Judo
What is it?: Although Taka has less than 500 subscribers to his channel, this relatively unknown YouTuber has regularly uploaded his at-home Judo training videos throughout lockdown. Each video is between 10-15 minutes, and uses a variety of classic Judo skills including solo floor work (newaza) and standing techniques (nage-waza). Taka is definitely one to follow – watch this space!

5. Quarantine Workout #20 – Kickboxing & Full Body!

Who: Title Boxing Club Sugarhouse
Good For: Kickboxing
What is it?: In this video, Sugarhouse’s Coach Christian guides you through a 30-minute full body striking and strength routine – guaranteed to get your heart racing! This routine is great for kickboxing fans who have struggled to train throughout the pandemic. But if you want to push yourself further, their channel has a ‘Quarantine Challenge’ consisting of 22 videos (one a day) presented by different coaches for anyone to try out – all from the comfort of your own home!

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