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Top 5 Youtube Home Workouts for Kids

A few weeks ago we wrote an article entitled ‘Top 5 Youtube Home Workouts (No Equipment Needed!), aimed at adults who wanted to combine martial arts exercises from home.

With the country currently in full lockdown, and schools closed for the foreseeable future, children who used to go to regular martial arts classes are now cut off from these activities.

With this in mind, we have created a list of ‘Top 5 Youtube Home Workouts for Kids’.


1. – Kids BJJ Class at Home

Who: LifeStyle BJJ Academy
Good For: Brazilian jiu-jitsu
What is it?: This 30-minute exercise class is great for kids and parents who want to train together. Ideal for beginners, including young children, this class is fun and energetic making it a perfect introduction to Brazilian jiu-jitsu


2. – Boxing for Kids

Who: BfitKIDS
Good For: Boxing
What is it?: Using three introductory basic techniques in boxing, BfitKIDS has created this 12-minute to get children more active during the pandemic. Designed as short PE classes, the channel features various other videos to help kids get active.


3. – Kids  at Home Judo Class – Session 1

Who: SA Judo Academy
Good For: Judo
What is it?: A bit of space will be needed for this class, as Head Coach Steve Brown guides you through a series of drills and exercises for kids. This half hour video requires no real equipment other than markers for drills – feel free to use anything lying around!


4. – Kids TaeKwonDo Beginner – Lesson #1

Who: HarmonyMartialArts
Good For: TaeKwonDo
What is it?: For a one-stop-shop, HarmonyMartialArts really does have it all! Not only does it have a full playlist of beginner TaeKwonDo lessons for kids, it has beginner and intermediary videos for kids, teens and adults in Krav Maga.


5. – Kids Home Kickboxing Workout

Who: LukeThomKickboxing
Good For: Kickboxing
What is it?: Coach Luke kickstarts this series of 16 videos designed to teach kids the basics of kickboxing. The series entitled ‘Little Ninjas’ takes you through a series of kickboxing combinations, including self defence exercises and plenty of fun!



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