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With a long history of producing world-class fighters, Liverpool has a plethora of amazing combat sports gyms all over the city. If you are from Liverpool and are looking for a great MMA club in the city, check out our list below of some of the top MMA gyms Liverpool has to offer. Whatever your ability, age, gender, or location, there is an MMA club for everyone in our list!

  1. Next Generation MMA

Next Generation MMA in Liverpool is at the forefront of Liverpool’s MMA scene, providing world-class training sessions in MMA as well as a range of other combat sports. This is the oldest and most successful MMA school in Liverpool and has a range of experienced coaches and structured learning programmes which can make your training as easy as possible. Part of Next Generation MMA’s highly regarded training program is the training drills and exercises which train participants in using proper technique when fighting to avoid any strains, muscle tears, or any other injuries.


During the training classes, Next Generation MMA also trains their participants in sparring to try and benefit them from real fight situations. This improves a fighter’s reflexes and stamina if they are put through sparring sessions when training as it helps them to resolve any issues they may have in the octagon before they get there. The ‘winner stays on’ live fighting aspect of Next Generation MMA’s training classes adds a bit of extra fun to the class, allowing students to bond together and get a taste for MMA. To find out more about Next Generation MMA or to book a class, visit their website or contact them at

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2. Budokan MMA

Budokan MMA is an exceptional MMA gym based in the heart of Aintree, Liverpool. Whether you are looking to train in MMA casually to keep fit and lose weight, or you are a skilled and experienced MMA fighter who is hoping to excel further within the sport, this gym could be the one for you. The head coach at Budokan MMA has over 40 years of experience in training and fighting, making him a veteran to the sport, alongside the other coaches who also have experience ranging from 10-40 years, this gym is not short in the fighting edge.

The 4 main aspects of your fighter profile which Budokan MMA train in are endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance. The endurance training will increase your breathing and heart rate, but also improve your overall fitness by working your lungs, heart, and circulatory system. Strength is often worked on as it will help you to lose body fat, as well as gaining muscle, giving you more power for your training. Flexibility training often consists of different stretches to keep your body limber but also helps in the art of MMA as you can get into tighter positions within submissions and grappling. Balance training can also be an excellent factor when you are fighting, as one little punch or kick could knock your balance at any one time, so training to stay up on your feet can be vital, especially if you are fighting a well-known ground worker. To find out more about how Budokan MMA can help you to excel in the art of MMA, visit their website or contact them on 07594 971643 or

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  1. Team Kaobon

Team Kaobon is the main MMA gym within the city of Liverpool. They train the stars of the UFC and Bellator with professionals such as Darren Till and Mike Grundy training there from young ages. Kaobon MMA is at the heart of the MMA experience within Liverpool, and with a little help, even a boxing novice can become a well-trained competitor within the sport. The coaches within Kaobon MMA are all experienced with years of knowledge and fighting expertise behind them, and their main goal is to help anyone succeed. Hard work and determination are 2 of the main factors you will need to succeed at Kaobon as they train with a mix of professionals and novices, so if you are dedicated and hard-working, you should have no issue with succeeding.

Kaobon specialises in training a range of different MMA professions, from Muay Thai to BJJ and wrestling. Training within this gym can help you to excel in many parts of your MMA training, particularly stamina and strength. In Kaobon, they help you to train your stamina and develop the skills to last longer in a fight that every fighter hopes for, and the strength training can help you take advantage of your oppositions potential lack of stamina. To find out more about how Kaobon MMA can help you become an expert MMA fighter, visit their website or contact them at 0151 522 9350.

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  1. The MMA Academy

If you are looking to train in MMA within the city of Liverpool, The MMA Academy provide high levels of training in a structured curriculum presented by completely qualified and experienced instructors in a safe and competitive environment. All of their instructors are completely qualified as well as some of them also being UFC Veterans and Muay Thai Champions. At the MMA Academy, they aim to provide the best martial arts training possible and cater for everyone, novice or a professional. As a gym which grows in popularity every day, the MMA Academy are constantly adding new classes to their roster.

The MMA Academy has over 5000 square foot of training mat space where a range of professional and novice fighters train. During MMA training, The MMA Academy will train you in strength and conditioning as well as grappling techniques and balance. The MMA Academy has a completely equipped strength and conditioning facility, so you can train with the best equipment and get the most out of your training session. To find out more about how The MMA Academy can help you to advance in MMA, visit their website or contact them at 0151 538 7878 or

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  1. Aspire Combat Sports Academy

Aspire Combat Sports Academy (ACSA) is the ideal choice for Liverpool MMA. As one of the UK’s leading MMA gyms, no matter your age, sex, ability, weight, or experience you can train at ACSA. Aspire CSA are passionate about providing an environment unlike any other gym in Liverpool, providing high-quality MMA tuition and instruction in an inclusive, competitive but family friendly environment.

With a modern purpose-built facility on Queens Drive in Stoneycroft, it offers so much more than just your run of the mill bags and mats MMA gym. Catering for professional athletes as well as kids, mums, dads, and hobbyists. With ones of the most talented coaching teams in Liverpool, featuring active fighters on UFC, Bellator and Cage Warriors, as well as BJJ black belts Aspire offers the highest level of MMA training. To start your MMA journey with Aspire CSA, visit their website, or contact them on 0151 345 0342 or

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