Top 5 Routines to Combat Exercise Fatigue

No matter what the exercise, fatigue has affected us all at some point. There are different ways to combat it, such as choosing the correct time to eat pre- and post-workout, keeping your hydration levels up and having the right amount of rest and recovery.


Whether you’re a professional athlete suffering from muscle pain or just looking to alleviate soreness after your workout, take a look at our top 5 videos to help you combat tiredness and fatigue..


1. – 4 Yoga Poses to beat Fatigue


Good For: Beginner Yogis

What is it?: This quick 3 minute video shows 4 gentle poses designed to ‘relieve feelings of exhaustion, tiredness and loss of strength’. The demonstrations are quite quick and are taken from more in depth routines, so feel free to pause the video while you practice. For more information, take a look at the video description for links to more in depth yoga routines!



2. – 5 Essential Post-Workout Stretches

Who: Evolve University

Good For: Mixed Martial Arts Enthusiasts

What is it?: In this video, Evolve University aims to help you reduce muscle ache and fatigue with 5 easy stretches. This video requires a bit of equipment, such as a stretch band and somewhere to do pull ups. If you don’t have anywhere to do these, don’t worry, you can skip the last one. Take a look at our website for an affordable stretch band, available in various colours!



Buy your Sports Involve stretch band here!


3. – 5 Best Ways to Prevent Aching Legs & Leg Fatigue

Who: Ask Doctor Jo

Good For: Sufferers of Leg Fatigue

What is it?: Doctor Jo guides you through a series of leg stretches that can prevent aching legs and fatigue. These exercises can be performed by anyone and no specialist equipment is needed, other than a chair or stool to balance yourself on.



4. – 15 Min. Full Body Stretch | Daily Routine for Flexibility, Mobility & Relaxation

Who: Mady Morrison

Good For: Daily Stretches for All

What is it?: This 15 minute full body stretch routine is well balanced and provides everything you need to get a good dose of flexibility, mobility and relaxation. This video can be used in conjunction with Mady’s 7 day exercise routine for a more physical workout.



5. – Post Workout Stretches for Recovery and Flexibility

Who: Rowan Row

Good For: All!

What is it?: Rowan Row’s post workout video is a combination of the previous video by Mady Morrison and Ventuno Yoga’s, in half the time. This quick 8 minute video is perfect for those who need a quick post workout routine, or for those just looking for a daily stretch.


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Top 5 Routines to Combat Exercise Fatigue

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