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Top 5 Boxing Clubs in Warrington

The city of Warrington is quite well known for producing and training fighters to the best of their ability. Two of the most well-known fighters from Warrington are up-and-coming super welterweight Danny Craven and up-and-coming women’s fighter Rhiannon Dixon.

In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the top boxing clubs in Warrington and talk about what they offer and how they could help you develop your boxing skills and knowledge.

1. Warrington ABC

warrington abc

Warrington abc

Warrington ABC has been training amateur and professional fighters alike since the day that it first opened its doors in 1977. The longest-running boxing club in Warrington, Warrington ABC has training classes available for all ages of boxers and uses only the best equipment to deliver the best experience while training. Providing both one-on-one boxing sessions as well as box fit classes throughout the week for a great price, whether you go once a week or 5 times a week, the price doesn’t change.

All of the staff and coaches at Warrington ABC have a range of experience and qualifications in boxing training, meaning this is a great place for all fighters to train, whether a novice to the sport or an expert. To find out more about Warrington ABC or to book a session, visit their website.

2. Warrington Thai Boxing

 warrington thai boxing

Warrington thai boxing

Warrington Thai Boxing club caters to all individuals who are looking to learn the Thai boxing trade. Whether you aim to get into competitions and compete, or just do it for enjoyment, personal development, or to get fitter, Warrington Thai Boxing club is the place to go. With group classes, private one to one tuition, and pad work and fitness sessions, there is something for everyone at Warrington Thai boxing.

All of the classes at this boxing club are taught by professional instructors who have years of experience in this genre of fighting. Over the last 30 years, Warrington Thai Boxing club has produced a wide portfolio of black belt and champion students. Head Coach, Dave Jackson, has worked with some of the top athletes in the sport and was on the coaching staff of the winning team in season 9 of the UFC’s popular reality TV series The Ultimate Fighter. To find out more about how Warrington Thai Boxing club and what they have to offer, visit their website.

3. Premier Boxing

premier boxing warrington

Premier boxing club

Premier Boxing gym is based in Warrington and provides first-class boxing training to every individual to help improve both their physical and mental health. This gym offers boxing training to fighters of all skill sets, whether a novice or a pro. Premier Boxing aims to nurture and develop talent, and they do this by hosting personal one-on-one sessions. There is no set format, and they tailor each session and training to you specifically. Regardless of your level or ability, you will receive the same attention to detail as professional athletes.

Premier Boxing have a range of experienced trainers who will help you develop your skills and knowledge in boxing. Since its opening, Premier Boxing has developed a portfolio of boxers who have gone on to compete locally and nationally. To find out more about the Premier Boxing club, and book your first session for free, visit their website.

4. Warrington Hook and Jab

warrington hook and jab

Warrior hook and jab

Warrington Hook and Jab are a boxing and fitness club based in Warrington. At Warrington Hook and Jab, they provide top class training in boxing and fitness for all ages and skillsets, no matter if you are a pro or a novice. Private and group training classes are available to all, and their gym offers a range of great facilities. For those interested in amateur boxing, they have a strong amateur club, Bridgefoot Police ABC, who is affiliated with the Amateur Boxing Association of England, and compete in numerous events each season.

The friendly, yet competitive atmosphere at the Hook and Jab is personified by the professional nature of the trainers in the gym. All of the trainers are well experienced and have produced several high-level fighters. The Warrington Hook and Jab opened its doors in 1998 and has since become one of the most popular boxing gyms in the Warrington area. To find out more about the Warrington Hook and Jab, visit their website.

5. Warrior Club

Warrior Club

Warrior Club

Warrior Boxing Club is based in Lynn, Warrington, and offer training and expertise in fitness and boxing. Warrior Boxing Club state that their mission is to create a place that people can train, meet like-minded people, and together push themselves and others to new levels, no matter if they are a novice or an expert.

The boxing trainers at the Warrior Club all have huge portfolios of experience, and pride themselves on providing the best quality of training for all of their students, no matter their age. Warrior Club is dedicated to making all its members the fittest and healthiest they have ever been. At Warrior gym, you won’t only learn about boxing, but you will gain self-respect and confidence. To find out more about the Warrior Club, visit their website.

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