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Top 10 Combat sports gyms in Manchester

Manchester has a history of producing great fighters across all different types of combat sports, from Scott Quigg to Ricky Hatton, so it is no surprise that there is an abundance of great combat sports gyms throughout the city. If you are interested in training in combat sports, whether a novice or an expert, here are our top 10 combat sports gyms in Manchester.

Fighting Fit

Fighting Fit is a Manchester-based gym that specialises in MMA, kickboxing, and Brazilian jujitsu. Fighting Fit is one of the most successful combat sports gyms in Manchester and offering a range of classes to suit all levels, both men, women, and children, it is clear to see why. With a range of classes available and experienced coaches leading them, Fighting Fit is leading the way in combat sports for Manchester.

Fighting Fit is training the next generation of MMA fighters, with the majority of their members being young trainees with aspirations to make it to the UFC. One example is Adam Walsh, an up and coming, 23-year-old MMA fighter from Broughton, with a 7-1 amateur record, he could be the future of Manchester-based MMA fighters. Visit the Fighting Fit website to find out how they could help you with your combat sport needs.


MTK Manchester

MTK is a global boxing and MMA group that sponsor and train fighters across the globe, from MMA fighters like Darren Till and Rafael Silva to boxers like Carl Frompton and Tyson Fury. With gyms across the world, MTK has a vast amount of experience and expertise when it comes to training and has produced champion fighters over the years, so MTK Manchester is the place to go.

MTK has many great reviews online from students and coaches. They have many coaches with years of experience and a list of accomplishments, so the MTK Manchester gym is a great place to get your combat sports career underway. MTK’s vision is to represent and develop the next generation of fighters and is committed to the highest level of professionalism. To find out more about MTK, visit their website.

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Predators MMA

Predators MMA was founded in 2006 by Gavin Boardman, he intended to create a culture and training environment which could guide people towards excellence. Since then, Predator MMA has become a well-known gym in the Manchester area and is a place that everyone can go to. Predators MMA provides classes in Kickboxing, MMA, Brazilian jujitsu as well as kids MMA classes.

Since 2006, Predators MMA has produced a range of excellent up and coming fighters, which is mostly down to the coaching team. Gavin Boardman is the main coach as well as the founder and has been credited for showing great knowledge and professionalism by his student’s reviews. Visit the Predators MMA website to find out more.

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SBG Manchester

SBG Manchester is a well-known location around the city and is known for its experience and expertise in the combat sports scene. Specialising in MMA and Brazilian jujitsu, the SBG gym is one of the oldest in Manchester and is accredited with excellent reviews by its student

The SBG gym sponsor and train a range of professional fighters who are one day hoping to make it to the main stage, and head Coach Karl Tanswell has travelled world-wide coaching and cornering professional fighters in leading promotions such as the UFC, Bellator, Strikeforce, Bodog Fight, G-Force, BAMMA, and CageWarriors, as well as dozens of national and local promotions. To find out more about SBG Manchester, visit their website.

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Elite Boxing Gym

Elite Boxing Gym is based in Bolton, Greater Manchester, and provides high levels of training and professionalism to its students, they are also recognised as one of the leading boxing gyms in the UK. Elite Boxing specialises in Thai kickboxing and boxing, they provide a range of classes 6 days a week in subjects from nutrition to body transformation.

Head coach Alex Matvienko is a former professional boxer himself and understands the difficulties that some may face when getting into the ring. Sean Fogg is the head kickboxing coach and although he doesn’t have any professional experience, he has been an amateur fighter for 10 years and has cornered many former professional fighters. Visit the Elite Boxing Gym website to find out more or book a class today.


Salford MMA

Salford MMA is Salford’s Original & Premier Mixed Martial Arts Fight Team, their gym consists of the highest quality equipment, including a state-of-the-art octagon. The coaches at Salford MMA put on public classes 7 days a week for all ages, or you can attend 1-to-1 private classes for those who are experienced and looking to advance onto the next level of combat sports.

Salford MMA provides a range of classes including ground and pound MMA, strength and conditioning classes, grappling and submission classes, and advanced classes for those with experience or aspirations to advance to the next level. Find out more about Salford MMA on their website.

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All Powers Gym

All Powers Gym started life as ‘Stockport Thai Fighters’ under Muay Thai trainer Paul Tite. When Paul and his wife moved to Thailand in 2010, he handed over the reins of Stockport Thai Fighters to his fighter Panicos Yusuf. Within the year, Panicos had moved the gym to larger premises and changed the name to All Powers, a well-respected name that is now internationally recognised.

All Powers Gym is open to everyone, from professional fighters to those who just train for fitness. All Powers also allow you to train alongside professionals in one-to-one sessions. Find out more on the All Power website.

all powers gym manchester

Franks Team

Franks Team is an experienced MMA gym based on Ashton Old Road, Manchester, that is well known for training professionals and novices. Franks Team offers a range of combat sports from MMA and Brazilian jujitsu to boxing and personal training.

Franks Team trains those who just want to stay fit and train for fitness, but they are also training the next generation of MMA fighters, with the majority of their members being young trainees with aspirations to make it to the UFC. Visit the Franks Team website to find out more.

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Viva Combat Athletics

Viva Combat Athletics offers Mixed Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Submission Wrestling and Brazilian Jiujitsu classes for the novice trainers and professionals, they train and support these professionals through their fights whether it be Bellator, UFC, or Cagewarriors.

Viva has a portfolio of successful students, but this couldn’t be done without their coaching team. The 4 coaches are all accredited with years of experience and achievements in their respective fields. Professional fighter and BAMMA title contender, Gaz Pilot, has also praised Viva for their services saying: “after training for the best part of ten years, I am still amazed that every time I go to Viva combat training, I learn something new that will change my game. The coaching team is top-notch.” To find out more about Viva, or book in for a class, visit their website.

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One MMA is a full-time combat sports academy based in Swinton, Manchester. Founded in 2016, One MMA was started with the idea of giving back to the local area and has changed the lives of the young people across Manchester. One MMA support and train professional fighters in competitions like Bellator and BAMMA, who one day hope to make it to the UFC.

One MMA provides a range of classes, including MMA wrestling, Muay Thai, and Brazilian jujitsu classes, as well as advanced classes for those with experience or aspirations to advance to the next level. Find out more about One MMA on their website.

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To find combat sports gyms in your local area, use Sports Involves online club directory, the UK’s largest directory of combats sports clubs. If you have a combat sports club in Manchester, or any other city in the UK and would like to add your club to our directory, please register here.

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