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Top 10 combat sport gyms in London

London has a rich history of producing championship fighters across all different types of combat sports, including Brad Pickett, Lennox Lewis, and David Haye, so it is no surprise that there is an abundance of great combat sports gyms throughout the city. If you are interested in training in combat sports, whether a novice or an expert, here are our top 10 combat sports gyms in London.

Urban Kings Gym

Urban Kings Gym is one of the fastest growing and most popular combat sport gyms in London. Urban Kings offers a range of classes to suit all levels, both men, women, and children. With experienced coaches leading the classes, Urban Kings is leading the way in combat sports for London.

Urban Kings are attempting to inspire professionals and novices of combat sports and are producing a range of top-class fighters with limitless potential along the way. Hosting events and seminars in a range of different subjects, Urban Kings are inspiring the nations capital. To find out more about Urban Kings, visit their website.

urban kings gym london

Fight Zone

Located in East London, Fight Zone has become one of the fastest growing and most popular MMA gyms in the capital. With the gym opening in 2012 as the UK version of the renowned Brazilian Jujitsu gym opened in Rio De Janeiro by the legend and 9-time world Jujitsu champion, Ricardo Vleira, the gym already obtained a reputation before opening. This reputation came from the long list of fighters that the Rio based gym had produced, so it is no surprise that Fight Zone has became one of the most well-known gyms throughout the capital.

Fight Zone was built with the underlying sediment of friendship and the love for martial arts in mind. The vision and passion for martial arts is being passed through from the coaches and through to the students. At Fight Zone, they provide a vast array of classes in their weekly timetable, ranging from Brazilian Jujitsu all the way to Thai boxing, and the classes can be taken by novices or professionals. To find out more about Fight Zone, visit their website.fight zone london

London Fight Factory

Located in the centre of the capital, London Fight Factory is at the heart of MMA in the city and has dedicated itself to providing classes to the young and the old. Classes include wrestling, strength and conditioning, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, and MMA. In addition to regular classes, there is also the opportunity for anyone to book private classes for 1 to 1 training.

London Fight Factory have a range of coaches and instructors who are there to help anyone from the average novice to the seasoned professional to excel in combat sports, so the London fight factory is an ideal place to advance in MMA. To find out more about London fight factory, visit their fight factory

Diesel Gym

The Royal Albert docks in London is now home to one of the most popular MMA gyms in the city. Having recently moved into this location, everything is in great condition and brand new. Diesel Gym is an MMA and combat sports gym, but Muay Thai is the more prominent martial art that is trained there, with classes during the week and the weekend.

Diesel Gym provide anyone with training, no matter the skill ranges from beginner to expert. Diesel Gym have even had a few famous faces visit their gym in previous years, for example, former ‘I’m a celebrity’ and rugby star, and newly recognised MMA fighter, James Haskell, has recently visited the gym to find out more about the different types of martial arts and undergo intense training to try and get some experience in the combat sports world. To find out more about Diesel gym, visit their website.diesel gym london

BXR London

Founded in 2017, BXR London is the world’s first high-end boxing gym and is commonly known as the finest boxing gym in London. With a total of 12,000 square feet in training rooms and the best equipment money can buy, BXR London gym is by far leading the way for the capital in boxing.

With huge names such as Eddie Hearn and Mark Ronson on the committee and World champion boxer Anthony Joshua publicly backing the gym and often training there, it is clear to see why the gym has developed its world class reputation. Dedicated to providing the highest quality of facilities and training, the BXR Gym provide a range of classes to amateurs and professionals. To find out more about BXR London, visit their website.bxr london gym

Legends Boxing Gym

It is common knowledge in the capital that the majority of boxing gyms are either in the south or east of the city with the west being the less fertile ground for boxers and boxing gyms. Legends Boxing gym of course, are an exception, with the gym being one of the most well known in the city. Legends are a boxing-based gym that provide classes on weekday evenings and also offer private classes for those looking for some 1 to 1 training.

The head coach and founder of Legends Boxing Gym is Harvey Morgan and he is the basis around most of its success. With 35 years in the industry, there is no argument when it comes to Harveys knowledge of the sport and his experience shows in his training. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, Legends boxing gym are willing to train and accept you into their facilities with open arms. To find out more about Legends, visit their website.legends gym london

KO Gym

KO is a predominantly Muay Thai and kick boxing gym, although it does offer MMA and BJJ classes also. KO Gym offer a wide range of classes for all levels of abilities from beginners to those who wish to compete.

KO Gym is currently revamping their whole appearance, including their changing rooms, training facilities, website and members system, so when lockdown is over and gyms can re-open, all members will have the best chance possible at improving their skills or even just losing weight. To find out more, visit their website.ko gym london

MMA North London

MMA North London is a combat sports gym that is unique in the aspect that they offer all customers their first lesson absolutely free. As a gym, they welcome everyone of all abilities, and teaches a range of techniques including Krav Maga, Judo, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This provides you with a great grounding on which to take your training further.

MMA North London offer range of classes in their time table, from gun and knife disarming classes to one to one MMA self-defence courses, MMA North London are leading the battle against gun and knife crime in the capital. Classes are run on Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons, and you pay on a class by class basis. To find out more, visit their website.


FighterFit are a boxing gym that specialise in boxing and fitness classes. From complete beginners to seasoned boxing veterans, FighterFit offer classes to all ages and experiences, and once you obtain a solid boxing technique, they will continue to train you with a host of classes improving your fitness levels and techniques.

FighterFit have a range of excellent coaches who will provide a range of skills and benefits while passing on their knowledge and experience. FighterFit also have an up to date website that you can visit with a range of information about their club and the boxing world.fighter fit london

Singdayt Muay Thai

Singdayt Muay Thai are an MMA gym based in a dance studio so their equipment is minimal and only offer pad work and sparring, but considering this they still offer high level coaching across their classes for all ability levels.

With a range of experienced Muay Thai coaches, Singdayt Muay Thai can help even the most experienced fighters improve their technique and fitness levels. To find out more, visit their website.singdayt muay thai

To find combat sports gyms in your local area, use Sports Involves online club directory, the UK’s largest directory of combats sports clubs. If you have a combat sports club in London, or any other city in the UK and would like to add your club to our directory, please register here.

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