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Top 10 boxing clubs in Liverpool

The city of Liverpool is well known for many things, and one of which is for producing champion boxers like Tony Bellew, John Conteh, and George Turpin. Throughout the city, there are so many great places to box and clubs offering training for every level of boxer, from complete beginner to professional. Read some of our picks of the best boxing clubs in Liverpool.

1. Bootle ABC

bootle abc boxing

Bootle ABC

Based in the centre of Bootle, Bootle ABC was founded in 2009 and offers development and training at all different levels, from fitness training and helping people stay in shape, to teaching those who are aspiring to compete at the highest level.

Bootle ABC provides group classes and individual training at their gym, meaning that they have classes available for all. Bootle ABC had their first professional bout in 2010, and since then they have been represented over 150 times nationally by their fighters.

To find out more about Bootle ABC, visit their website.

2. Salisbury ABC

salisbury abc

Salisbury ABC

Based in the heart of Liverpool city centre, Salisbury ABC was formed in 1974 and has followed a range of boxing traditions since day one, which has helped them to grow and become a prestigious boxing club that is well known throughout the country.

Salisbury ABC has produced a range of talented fighters and is continuing to do so to this day with them recently having 5 boxers in the Merseyside and Cheshire schoolboy championships.

If you are interested in learning more about Salisbury ABC, visit their website.

3. Rotunda ABC

tony bellew at rotunda

Tony Bellew at Rotunda ABC in 2013

Rotunda gym is based in the centre of Liverpool and has trained several boxing stars including Liam Smith, who became the first fighter from the club to win the world title in early 2015.

The club works closely with special needs charities giving children from the local area with ADHD, mental health issues, down syndrome, and other illnesses opportunities that they may not normally get.

To find out more about the services they can offer you, visit the Rotunda ABC website.

4. Sercombe Allandale ABC

former World Welterweight Champion John H Stracey

Former World Welterweight Champion John H Stracey, co-founder of the club

The Sercombe Allandale ABC is a boxing gym that opened in the Wirral in 2014 and has developed at an increasingly fast rate since its opening. Set up by former boxer Tommy Jones and former World Welterweight Champion John H Stracey, the club has benefited from the expert advice from these two boxers.

Sercombe Allandale AFC is a club that pours support into the community and inspire younger children to develop their boxing skills while guiding them onto the right path in life.

To find out more about Sercombe Allandale ABC, visit their Facebook.

5. No Limits ABC

no limits abc

No Limits ABC

Back in 2010, an informal chat between the founders Chris Tamm and Danny Withington took place and the idea of No Limits ABC was born. The two decided that they wanted to open a gym with a different style, and Dan knew a little about this.

In the past few years, No Limits ABC have firmly established themselves as leading boxing, strength and conditioning, and fitness gym in Liverpool, giving adults and children similar opportunities.

To find out more about No Limits ABC and how they can help you develop your boxing skills, visit their website.

6. University of Liverpool ABC

university of liverpool abc

University of Liverpool ABC

The University of Liverpool ABC is a large and vastly experienced club that produces award-winning boxers while training at professional boxing gyms. The club has a strong male and female member base meaning the club is highly diverse and open to all ages and genders.

The members from the club can train and compete in 17 different national tournaments meaning they are often represented on a national stage. The University of Liverpool ABC takes advantage of the rich boxing traditions in Liverpool which inspire their members to be the best they can be.

To find out more about the University of Liverpool ABC, visit their website.

7. Gemini Boxing Club

gemini boxing club

Gemini Boxing Club

Gemini Boxing club is a non-profit organisation that is run by volunteers and supported by donations, sponsors, grants, and monthly subscriptions. The club provides a safe and accepting environment for all boxing enthusiasts to train and develop their skills.

The Gemini Boxing Club provides great services to the local community and helps develop skills that can be useful in everyday life, like honour, self-control, respect, and discipline.

To find out more about how the Gemini Boxing club could help you, visit their website.

8. Waterloo ABC

shaun farmer waterloo abc

Waterloo ABC is a boxing gym that was founded and re-opened by Shaun Farmer in 2018 after it previously closed its doors. The gym provides opportunities for people of all ages to train and develop their boxing skills with good level equipment and coaches.

When previously speaking in an interview with us, Shaun Farmer stated “The club has a great foundation for producing champions, our head coach was a fantastic amateur and, in my opinion, an even better coach. He and I have a lot to prove, I believe we can compete with the big club not just in the area but also the country” so there is certainly a belief that they can produce the top level of boxers.

To find out more about Waterloo ABC, visit their Facebook page.

9. 4 Corners Fighting

4 corners fighting

4 Corners Fighting Club

4 Corner Fighting gym is based in Nelson industrial estate in Liverpool. They are an experienced gym with the highest quality equipment and provide training to beginners, amateurs, and top-level professionals.

4 Corners can provide classes for all of your needs, whether you want advanced group classes or an individual class with a professional, experienced coach.

Find out more about how 4 Corners Fighting gym could help you on their website.

10. Tuebrook ABC

Community centre in Tuebrook given £15,000 taken from criminals by police

A boxing and community centre in Tuebrook is looking forward to a brighter future after getting a full makeover funded by cash seized from criminals by Merseyside Police.

Posted by Merseyside Police on Thursday, 23 August 2018

Watch this video on how Tuebrook are helping communities.

Tuebrook ABC is an amateur boxing club based in West Derby who provides training for all ages. Whether young or old, beginner or expert, Tuebrook ABC can provide the highest level of boxing training for you.

Tuebrook works closely with the local community to provide boxing training for younger children and set them on a path in life to keep them out of trouble. At Tuebrook ABC they have high-quality equipment like boxing bags, dumbbells, mats, and weight machines.

Find out more about Tuebrook ABC on their website.

To find boxing gyms in your local area, use Sports Involves online club directory, the UK’s largest directory of combats sports clubs. If you have a boxing club in Liverpool, or any other city in the UK, and would like to add your club to our directory, please register here.


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