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Sports Involve’s Snowdon fundraiser

Sports Involve recently completed our Snowdon Fundraiser, where a group of 40 people walked to the top of Mount Snowdon, the highest mountain in England and Wales, to raise money for a local boxing club, the Waterloo ABC.

The day started at 7 am, with the coach arriving to pick us all up to take us to Snowdonia National Park in Wales to start our walk. We decided to take the Llanberis Path, which is the longest route to the summit at around 6.3 kilometres. This route had a steep start, which some found gruelling, but we all powered through, making several stops throughout the trip. As we were in a large group made up of men, women, and children, varying in age and ability, we got split up, deciding to meet up on 3 separate occasions throughout the climb. First, we met after the first hill at the start of the track, we then met again at the halfway café, and then finally, we all reunited at the top to celebrate our achievement and commemorate our climb with some pictures.

During the walk, the weather changed multiple times from sunny and dry, to windy and wet, especially near the summit where it was pretty foggy, but this didn’t phase us. The whole group of 40 made it to the summit, which was a fantastic achievement for some who showed great dedication and perseverance. Altogether, the walk took us 5 hours to complete, and we celebrated at the end with a few drinks at the bottom of the mountain.

This was a great bonding experience for many people, and the whole group got on so well together, all encouraging one another and working hard to raise this money together. Our Snowdon fundraiser has raised an impressive £2000, which we are donating to Waterloo ABC, a local boxing club ran by former professional boxer Shaun Farmer. It also helped the club to gain a good amount of exposure with a local newspaper even looking to do a spread on the fundraiser and the club.

Following the success of our Snowdon Fundraiser, Sports Involve are looking to make this an annual fundraising event for the club, with the group requesting to do another walk again sometime soon. At Sports Involve, we love to support combat sports clubs throughout the UK in any way we can and host a wide range of events for people of all ages, abilities, and genders to take part in and enjoy. Check out our events page to find out about our upcoming events.

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