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Kristian Blacklock interview

Kristian Blacklock is a world-renowned strength and conditioning fitness coach who has worked with a wide array of premiership footballers and world champion boxers, and with over 20 years of experience, it is not hard to see why he is known for keeping athletes at the top of their game. In this wide-ranging interview, Steven Matthews from Sports Involve decided to ask Kristian about his experiences when working with the best of the best, his early life experiences, his gym, and what are his main aspirations for the future.

Early life

Kristian is mostly known for the phenomenal work that he has done with current World Heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, but he hasn’t always been this confident, relentless figure that he is today. In his early life, Kristian was a young boy from the south of England and was forced to move to Liverpool because of his dad’s job, but this could have been where the motivation started. Coming from a working-class background, Kristian was always motivated to do his best and improve on whatever he could.

The start of a career

Kristian has over 20 years of experience when it comes to training the best of the best, but we wanted to know where it all started and how he has progressed his business since then. Kristian told us, “I was 21 when I started personal training, but it only became boxing-related from around 2007/2008 when the Smith brothers started using my services. Now it has become more by me adding strength and conditioning to my CV, I am part business as an online diet club, but I am also in partnership with Liam Woods in Conquer Fitness, which is a fully operational boxing club, fitness club, and yoga studio, we will also be doing meal preps in the not so distant future.”

Kristian then explained why he ventured further into the boxing and fitness market. “I ventured into this to grow my possibilities, previous to this I was in total fitness giving them money whilst I was away and when this opportunity came, I had to take it.”


Kristian has worked with an array of clients

Kristian has a huge portfolio of high-level fighters and athletes who he has provided top-quality strength and conditioning fitness training for, but we wanted to know what his average client was like and why they choose him. “I have a range of clients both male and female, aged from 21-60, and as above athletes and general keep fitters, who either want to lose weight, tone up, increase size, or become stronger. I cover it all.”

“My job is to improve physical fitness and performance in sport or for wellbeing. With working with high profile athletes, my profile gets enhanced but my results prove my plans work.”

We have always been fascinated by the world of personal training and wondered where Kristian found his clients. Kristian explained to us, “my work mostly comes through recommendations, Tyson Fury came through Applied Nutrition, as Tyson was looking for a training camp away from Manchester and they put us together.”

Tyson Fury

tyson fury

Kristian and Tyson Fury

Of course, to Kristian, Tyson Fury is probably just another client, but he is one of the biggest global fighters ever to have graced the beautiful sport of boxing, so we wanted to find out more about that famous comeback. Kristian explained, “there is an extra pressure with Tyson because I’m there living and breathing in the camp with him, he trains 2/3 times a day and I arrange his strength and conditioning plan, which also impacts his other training as in what days to do certain regimes.”

When we asked Kristian about Tyson’s training for fights, his most recent against Deontay Wilder and Otto Wallin, he explained “The whole team was criticised for the outcome of the Wallin fight, as this was supposedly a formality and an easier win than what it was. As for the training camp, there was nothing much different to the Wilder camp, where he was formidable, I think it was just on the night for the Wallin fight. So, yes there is pressure as a friend I have shared camp with and implemented a plan to work perfectly to the exact date of fight night.”

We wanted to get to know the Tyson situation a little more, so we asked about when Tyson fights in different countries, whether Kristian goes with him and how does this affect his usual clients. Kristian explained, “Tyson rents a large house in Las Vegas, or wherever the contest may be, as Tyson is contracted to an American promotion team, I and his closest friends and trainers stay there, we have a chef also and the atmosphere is great, I train daily myself and also go to the gym every day too with Tyson doing his boxing and strength work. As for my clients back home, some I recommend to friends in the industry, with the majority I keep in touch regularly, as I implement plans for them to work from, they mostly understand, as this is a big opportunity for me and they also enjoy being trained by the same trainer as the heavyweight world champion.”

Future aspirations

kristian blacklock

Kristian is currently one of the greatest health and fitness coaches out there, and trains the greatest of the great, but where can you go from there? Well, we asked Kristian about his aspirations over the next few years. Kristian claimed, “I used to plan, but the speed the world of sport goes and in heavyweight boxing, anything can happen in the blink of an eye, so now I take each fight as it comes. Tyson will be boxing Deontay Wilder again next, but no one knows where with what’s going on at present. He has also just agreed to fight Anthony Joshua next year, but I will be just focusing on the next job in hand and to get the best results and not looking too far into the future.”

Kristian wants the best for Tyson and his clients, but we also wanted to know about his aspirations for his own business and how he was going to advance that in the future. Kristian told us that he wishes to bring other athletes and fighters into the gym soon and to help his clients achieve as many accolades as he can.

This interview was conducted by Steven Matthews. If Kristian’s story has inspired you to get into combat sports, why not check out our club directory to find a combat sports club near you, or if you are interested in other interviews or blogs, visit our blog page where we have interviews with the likes of Carly Skelly and Shaun Farmer. If you would like to find out more about Sports Involve please visit our website.


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