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How to get back into training after a long break

Summer is over, and for many, that means a return to training. Travel, busy schedules, summer activities, and more are all factors that could have affected your usually strict training schedule. But it is now time to get back into the groove of things. It is time to punch some bags, spar until the sun goes down, and grapple some opponents.

For many, the idea of returning to their usual grind after a long break is discouraging and equally disappointing. You shouldn’t let your summer hiatus discourage your drive for MMA, but instead, take the following steps so you can smoothly jump straight back into training.

Take your time at first

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Ease yourself back into a routine

If you have been out of training for a while, you will need to ease yourself back into your rigorous routine and gradually rebuild your endurance. This will help you to build strength and will also help to prevent strain or injuries. You shouldn’t expect to be in the exact same position that you were in before you took your break, but you need to have full confidence that you can return and put in the hard work.

Make it a habit

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Force of habit will return eventually

One of the hardest components when returning to training is making a habit of it again. Before your break, going to class or the gym will have probably been second nature to you, but now it will most likely feel more difficult to find the motivation that you had not so long ago, but you shouldn’t quit. After a little while, that force of habit will return and you will be craving those thrilling endorphins of a good, hard training session.

Hold yourself accountable

You should always push through the fear of returning to training and just show up. Obviously, it is harder to do than say, but you should hold yourself accountable or find someone else who will. A coach, gym buddy, or even teammate will help to give you that extra push that you may need.

Enjoy yourself

Training should never feel like a chore, and if it does then you may not be ready to return. If you are hesitant to return to training because your heart isn’t in it for whatever reason, then you should evaluate different ways that you can make training more enjoyable. Whether it be finding a new coach or gym, or changing your perspective, the overall experience of training should always be fun, even if a little difficult.

Set yourself goals

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Ensure you always have goals to work towards

It is easy to keep up any bad habits after a little break. Instead, you should set yourself goals to motivate yourself through your return and any rough patches you may be going through. Your goal could be to get back to where you were before taking the break or to try a new discipline. You should make a list of all the goals that you are looking to accomplish and use them to motivate yourself to show up to training.

Now that you are prepared for your return to work, you should remember to take it slow and not make yourself feel too overwhelmed. The fact that you are reading this blog shows that you have the drive in there somewhere, but you just need to rediscover it. Take the drive and follow through with it.

How can Sports Involve help you?

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