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Sports Involve is an online platform created to help bring the combat sports community together. We are a one-stop-shop for all things combat sports, whether you’re new to the scene, an experienced fighter, or even have your own club, Sports Involve is the place for you. We cover all kinds of combat sports including boxing, MMA, wrestling, kickboxing, karate, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, judo, and much more.

With an online shop selling Sports Involve merchandise, a club directory listing thousands of combat sports clubs throughout the UK, videos featuring interviews with athletes and clubs as well as online demonstrations for people to follow at home and major event hosting, there is something for everyone in the combat sports community at Sports Involve.

Founded by Steven Matthews, a former professional boxer and England international boxer, who competed professionally for 15 years. Steven is now a coach and due to his years of experience has extensive, expert knowledge in the combat sports world. He has created Sports Involve as a way to give combat sports clubs and athletes more recognition and better opportunities.

Featuring the UK’s largest directory of combat sports venues, our club directory offers users a quick, simple, and accessible way to search for and find combat sports clubs in their local area. It’s so simple to use just input a discipline or location and it’ll bring up all the clubs near you and you can see what classes or training they offer, their opening hours, facilities, and contact information so you can get in touch to arrange a session!

For the clubs themselves, the directory helps them to gain more visibility, making them easier to find so they can generate more business and raises awareness through promotions on the site. Clubs can sign up to create their own profile which will then be listed in the directory so users can find and contact you. It’s a great way to generate more business for your club, why not sign up today?

The Sports Involve shop offers a range of sports clothing, gear, equipment, and other merchandise all in one place. Perfect for athletes, clubs, and combat sports enthusiasts. Check out our events section to see all our upcoming combat sports events, that you won’t want to miss. We host a range of major events, including our annual combat sports event hosted by our founder Steven Matthews.

On our blog section and through our social media we provide the latest updates and news from the combat sports world. We provide tips and expert advice, post online demonstrations for you to follow at home, interview real fighters and showcase clubs. Sports Involve is an interactive hub for all things combat sports with updates from the heart of the community.

We are passionate about combat sports, so we have created a platform to raise awareness for individual sports, athletes, and clubs. Through hosting events, merchandise sales, news updates, video interviews and online demonstrations we hope to provide athletes and clubs with more coverage and a voice so they can generate more business and awareness for themselves. Our aim is to help the combat sports community to grow and prosper so more people can enjoy combat sports and get involved.

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