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No gym? No problem! When it comes to exercise, the closure of gyms and leisure facilities during the pandemic has without a doubt been a daily struggle for the endorphin addicts of the world. Then BOOM! In comes Joe Wicks, our curly-haired saviour with his energetic home workouts and fun approach to exercise! ‘PE with Joe’ saw adults and children alike stretching and jumping

Movies, TV, and countless training montages have taught us over the years that a fighter’s diet needs to be highly specialised to be effective. In a reality, a fighter’s nutritional diet tends to have a lot in common with your normal ‘sensible diet’. It only varies in how much you eat and how often. Throughout this blog, we are going to

  In recent years, MMA has skyrocketed in popularity and is now a worldwide recognised sport. The sport is exciting and boasts a range of adrenaline-packed fights, superior athletics, and inspiring martial arts traditions. It isn’t surprising that more and more people are wanting to join in on the trend. If you want to become an effective MMA athlete, then you need

Shaqueme Rock is an up and coming featherweight fighter who is currently lighting the MMA world alight with his Brazilian Ju-Jitsu fighting style and high work rate. In this wide-ranging interview, Stephen Matthews asked Shem about a range of subjects from his nickname and how it came around to how he got into the MMA world. The Nickname First of all,

Professional athletes and sportspeople require an outrageous amount of stamina, hard work, and dedication, but for those in combat sports, it is a completely different ball game. Perusing combat sports like MMA and boxing doesn’t only require hard work and discipline, it quite literally requires blood, sweat, and tears, but also an unbreakable spirit. Of course, when we see movies that

Dawid Farycki is a combat sports trainer who also has 3 wins from 3 professional fights. Dawid is originally from Poland and has come through hard times to get to where he is today after moving to the UK at 13 years old with his parents. Dawid got into boxing at a young age and was trained in his local

UFC is the biggest broadcaster of MMA, and it is not short of talent when it comes to fighters. The fighters are easily recognisable and most fight fans will be able to spot them a mile off. But to the outside world, unless these fighters are worldwide superstars like Connor McGregor or Ronda Rousey, UFC fighters aren't recognised or noticed

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