5 Exercises to Increase Flexibility and Mobility

Want to Increase Your Range of Motion?

Whether you are a professional athlete or sports enthusiast, flexibility and mobility is an important part of training. As you age your ability to move freely becomes limited, with muscles stiffening and joints becoming weaker. As an athlete, participating in sports such as running, martial arts or weight lifting can cause stiffness and soreness also. However, there are exercises and stretches that can increase your flexibility and range of motion, with the benefits being increased mobility and reduction in injuries.


By definition, Flexibility is the ability of a muscle(s) to lengthen. On the other hand, mobility is the ability of a joint to move actively through a range of motion. So, we’ve put together a list of videos to help you get started on your flexibility and mobility journey!


1. – Hip Mobility and Flexibility for Athletes

Who: Critical bench
Good For: Hip Mobility & Flexibility
What is it?: The hip joint contains over 15 muscles and improving the flexibility of these can increase the range of motion that the hips can do. For athletes, this is important because by stretching the hip flexors you can improve the glutes, reduce injury and increase your overall performance of the hips.



2. – The Secret to Deep Squats: Unlock Your Tibia & Ankle Mobility

Who: [P]Rehab
Good For: Squat Mobility
What is it?: For athletes, especially bodybuilders and weightlifters, squats are a key component to your workouts. Increasing the mobility and flexibility of your squats can improve your range of motion in your ankles, knees and hips. So if you lift weights from a squat, being flexible is incredibly important.



3. – 15 Minute Hamstring Flexibility Routine

Who: Tom Merrick
Good For: Hamstring
What is it?: Tight hamstrings can be caused by many things, mostly due to intense forms of exercise and activity. This can cause stiffness, pain and limit mobility, so it’s important to do a few hamstring stretches to alleviate this.



4. – Flexibility & Mobility Routine – Upper Body!

Who: TheLeanMachines
Good For: Upper Body
What is it?: Improving the range of motion in your upper body is important to enhance your posture and reduce injury. It also helps you to increase muscle coordination and reduce muscle soreness, all in a 15 minute video!



5. – How To Increase Overhead Mobility (Step-By-Step Guide)

Who: Unity Gym
Good For: Shoulders
What is it?: Shoulder injuries such as rotator cuff tears can be incredibly painful. Poor mobility in the shoulders can have a knock on effect on the spine, posture and overall upper body injuries. This video guides you through a step-by-step overhead routine to help improve flexibility and mobility in your shoulders.


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