July 2020 - Sports Involve

July 2020

Derry Mathews is a former professional British boxer and a WBA interim lightweight champion. Derry has worked hard throughout his career and recently decided for himself to retire from boxing after 52 career fights. Once retired, Derry opened up the Derry Mathews boxing academy, where he aims to train children and adults to improve their boxing skills and knowledge. Stephen

Kristian Blacklock is a world-renowned strength and conditioning fitness coach who has worked with a wide array of premiership footballers and world champion boxers, and with over 20 years of experience, it is not hard to see why he is known for keeping athletes at the top of their game. In this wide-ranging interview, Steven Matthews from Sports Involve decided

The city of Manchester is well known for many things, and one of the biggest is their development of great boxers like Scott Quigg, Tyson Fury, Ricky Hatton, Amir Khan, and Anthony Crolla. In this blog, we are going to highlight 5 of the best boxing clubs Manchester has to offer. 1. MTK Manchester MTK is a global boxing and MMA group

Shaqueme Rock is an up and coming featherweight fighter who is currently lighting the MMA world alight with his Brazilian Ju-Jitsu fighting style and high work rate. In this wide-ranging interview, Stephen Matthews asked Shem about a range of subjects from his nickname and how it came around to how he got into the MMA world. The Nickname First of all,

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