May 2020 - Sports Involve

May 2020

Dawid Farycki is a combat sports trainer who also has 3 wins from 3 professional fights. Dawid is originally from Poland and has come through hard times to get to where he is today after moving to the UK at 13 years old with his parents. Dawid got into boxing at a young age and was trained in his local

UFC is the biggest broadcaster of MMA, and it is not short of talent when it comes to fighters. The fighters are easily recognisable and most fight fans will be able to spot them a mile off. But to the outside world, unless these fighters are worldwide superstars like Connor McGregor or Ronda Rousey, UFC fighters aren't recognised or noticed

London has a rich history of producing championship fighters across all different types of combat sports, including Brad Pickett, Lennox Lewis, and David Haye, so it is no surprise that there is an abundance of great combat sports gyms throughout the city. If you are interested in training in combat sports, whether a novice or an expert, here are our

Former Waterloo ABC boxer and 18 fight professional, Shaun Farmer, has lifted the lid on his career as a boxer and his life after retirement. Shaun comes from a boxing background with his father being in the boxing game when he was at a young age. Shaun has proceeded to be involved with boxing with him becoming the founder of

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