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Latest Blog

A fighter’s diet and nutritional guide

Movies, TV, and countless training montages have taught us over the years that a fighter’s diet needs to be highly specialised to be effective. In a reality, a fighter’s nutritional diet tends to have a lot in common with your normal ‘sensible diet’. It only varies in how much you eat and how often. Throughout this blog, we are going […]

How to get back into training after a long break

Summer is over, and for many, that means a return to training. Travel, busy schedules, summer activities, and more are all factors that could have affected your usually strict training schedule. But it is now time to get back into the groove of things. It is time to punch some bags, spar until the sun goes down, and grapple some […]

Sports Involve’s Snowdon fundraiser

Sports Involve recently completed our Snowdon Fundraiser, where a group of 40 people walked to the top of Mount Snowdon, the highest mountain in England and Wales, to raise money for a local boxing club, the Waterloo ABC. The day started at 7 am, with the coach arriving to pick us all up to take us to Snowdonia National Park […]

5 Top Tips for MMA Beginners

  In recent years, MMA has skyrocketed in popularity and is now a worldwide recognised sport. The sport is exciting and boasts a range of adrenaline-packed fights, superior athletics, and inspiring martial arts traditions. It isn’t surprising that more and more people are wanting to join in on the trend. If you want to become an effective MMA athlete, then […]

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